Ben Cowen

Ben Cowen, COO


I have learned that enjoying the ride is more important than arriving. That a person’s intent is more important than their actions. And that trust and teamwork within a company is the single most defining factor in a company’s success.

When riding a motorcycle, you are taught 3 things: You look ahead of the curve to see what is coming next, you downshift to increase the RPM on your engine to have more control (work harder), and you roll your throttle forward to accelerate out of the curve. All 3 apply to business challenges- it’s a great model.

We thrive on innovation. The mortgage origination business model is hemorrhaging and being forced to evolve and change in order to survive. WCM embraces innovation with new processes and technology better than most.

I love the spirit of youth here at WCM which brings with it the ability to take risks and move quickly.


What Should People Know About Wyndham?

We are one of the greatest mortgage companies no one has ever heard of. I've operated and lead national companies with far less capabilities. Wyndham is a powerful company that consumers will be amazed to learn about.


More About Ben

Ben has seen a lot of change, and cycles, in the Mortgage Industry, since the 1980’s. He has held leadership positions or lead mortgage banking businesses for Regional and National lenders (BOA, BOKF and Citigroup). He has a proven track record of leading, creating and scaling every type of mortgage origination channel. His measure of success, is not just origination volume, but includes sustainability and profitability. Today, he is enjoying the entrepreneurial freedom of working with a non-bank, FinTech oriented company, like Wyndham Capital Mortgage(WCM). He believes the online mortgage lending model is the “winning end game” for mortgage lending due to changes in Consumer preferences and evolving technology. He has enjoyed introducing innovation such as robotics to the WCM leadership team, and creating old school support processes to elevate sales; such as a loan scenario desk, and a loan restructure team. Having scaled other businesses, Ben is focused on growing and expanding WCM exponentially. His approach to leadership and the company’s culture is reflected in his passion for riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. He believes you and your people must enjoy the ride, while holding onto the spirit of youth.

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