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Five Efficient Moving Tips for Homeowners

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If you have recently bought a new home, your next steps are packing up, moving, and then unpacking in your new home. The good news is, if you tackle your moving tasks in an efficient way, this won’t be as painful of a process. Here are five tips that focus on efficiency that will help your upcoming home move be a planned out, organized success.


1. Packing Smartly is Your First Step

While you might be overwhelmed with all of the details surrounding selling your old home, buying your new home, and squaring away your mortgage, moving needs to be given some thought as well. If you know you are on the market for a new home and will move eventually, it is never too early to start packing and reviewing your current home’s inventory. Start paring down your items by donating and throwing out things you don’t need. If you will be staging and showing your home, rent a storage unit and start the packing process early. Don’t forget to pack items in a meaningful way and label these so it makes sense down the line when you are unpacking at your new home.

2. Remember to Pack Important Items Separately

While just getting all of your items packed safely and into your new home mplant-house-in-piggy-bankight be your number one priority, don’t forget that you will have items that you will need last at your old home, and first at your new home. Whether you are moving across the country or across town, having access to medications, dietary needs, and creature comforts needs to be a part of your planning. Don’t forget about child and pet needs as well.

3. Comparing Spaces and Inventory

If you are starting the move process and you have access to your new home already, you can begin to compare your current and new spaces to put some thought into what you really want to bring along. Even if you are moving into a larger space, leaving some room to grow can be a great way to provide an opportunity to buy things that speak to your new space. Making a smaller model of your floor plan with paper or was a computer design program  can help you decide where furnishings will go and how your items will fit together in your new space.couple-cleaning-new-home

4. Don’t Try to do it all Yourself

You aren’t necessarily cutting corners if you call in professional movers to help. Time is money and if it will take you even twice the amount of time to move your items piecemeal, this isn’t worth it. Be sure to leave space in your budget from your home purchase or loan options some move in costs. This way, hiring movers to make your life easier won’t be such a blow to your budget. In the end, movers might actually save you money. You won’t have to take as much time off of work for moving, and there will be less risk of damaging items if you hire professionals with the know-how and the right vehicles for transporting large or awkward sized furnishings.

5. Your Old Home - What Must Stay and What Can Go

If you have recently sold your home, there might be fixtures within the home you love, but you might need to give up. Things like light fixtures, ceiling fans, shutters, and appliances might legally need to stay with your recently sold home, no matter how much you love them. Be sure to write special items you are hoping to take along with you into the selling agreement of your home. You might get into more trouble than it’s worth trying to sneak out your favorite outdoor fountain or gas stove and be fined or taken to court in some cases.

Moving can be hard for anyone, whether it’s just you, or a big family. Taking the time to plan this efficiently and effectively needs to be a priority. This will save you stress later on when you are unpacking, so you will have everything organized and ready to go.


If you are looking into buying a new home and making a move, contact us to get started on your search and mortgage financing process.

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By: Sarah Kasper

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