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"Home" for the Holidays 

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The technical definition of home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. A home is simply in this context a house or place. But home during the holidays takes on a whole new meaning beyond that. It’s much more than a place.

We decided to ask around to see what takes place at “home” during the holidays. We came to find some commonalities and some very unique traditions.


family holiday meal

Home during the holidays is... 


Where you "all eat homemade maple cinnamon rolls together at MawMaw’s house."


Where you "can display your decorations or excessive Nutcracker collection."


Where you "pass around a rooster called “Foghorn Leghorn”, gifting it to a new family member who has to display it proudly in their home the whole year."


Where you" host a cheeseball decorating contest."


Where you "uphold the Icelandic tradition of gifting chocolate and a new (or new to you) book on Christmas Eve."


Where you "gather around the TV to watch the parade."


Where you "make a large batch of fruitcakes at Thanksgiving to consume throughout the season."


Where you "stay in your PJs all day, have pancakes for breakfast, and just spend time watching movies and playing board games."


Where you "listen to long rants about the 'good ol’ days'."


Home during the holidays transcends beyond a place. Whether it’s a fond memory or a silly tradition, our homes have more than just food and family during this time of year.

Whatever home is to you during the holidays, Wyndham Capital Mortgage understands that when going through the mortgage process that you are financing more than just a roof over your head. It holds many cherished moments and unites loved ones. 



Have any fun holiday traditions you do around the home? Drop in the comments below! 

Sarah Kasper
By: Sarah Kasper

Social Media and Marketing Specialist @ Wyndham Capital Mortgage Adventurer | Advocate | Dog Mom