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Top 4 Home Style Trends For 2017

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2017 style trendsGo through a recent refinance and have some spare cash to make renovations to your home? Or perhaps you’re considering a move and want to build some equity? Either way, before you spend the money you want to be sure you have done some research on what home style trends are in for this year. This will also help make your home stand out if you are looking to sell. Wyndham Capital has compiled four trends we think you should consider for 2017.



Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

pantone color of the year greeneryEvery year the Pantone Color Institute declares a color of the year. This year’s color is “greenery” which is said to be symbolic of new beginnings and restoration; a color we believe is perfect to incorporate for those looking to give your house a (literal) fresh new look. When going to paint or add accents throughout your home, look for natural greens that create a calm and almost outdoor relaxation experience for those within your home. Pair the green with warm wood tones, white and grey accents, and indoor or artifical plants to help complete the overall look.


Backsplash is a trend from last year that you will see carry over into this year however it has taken a page out of lagom’s style book. Using either white subway tiles or hexagon tiles to accent a wall will help make your bathroom or kitchen renovations stand out without using an elaborate design. How are people really going to being making a new statement this year though? Think bigger. Try adding an entire accent wall of white tile to add texture to a room. Another tile trend is
wooden tiles. You read that right. No longer are just your floors and tables doing the job

wood tile wall



Laundry Rooms

laundry room When going to update a home, bathrooms and kitchens are generally the first rooms to receive updates to make the house more marketable. The new addition for 2017 is now the laundry room. According to the 2016 Houzz & Home Report, spending on laundry room renovations are up to almost $2700. Continuing the trend of making more use of little space, this is a once neglected room of the house many will be giving special attention to this year. 




Forget “hygge”, says
Vogue. The new equivalent trend “lagom” hails from a different Scandinavian country, Sweden. Though not too far from the old trend, the focus of lagom is more on moderation rather than coziness. Translating directly as “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”, this style trend focuses on maximizing function and space without overwhelming the senses. Think minimalism when going to redesign the function and style of a room. lagom

And there you have it. With these style trends, you can make sure that your home is ready for the market or your own comfort. Combining all four of these style trends, make sure to keep simplicity and serenity in mind when making any style updates to your home for this year.


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By: Sarah Kasper

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