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Tags: Market News & Trends, mortgage

What the New Tax Changes Mean for You

    You’ll likely see more money in your paycheck beginning this month.

by Brittany Dewey on Feb 1, 2018 2:50:47 PM
Tags: Market News & Trends, Home Buying & Selling, mortgage

Wyndham Market Watch: Winter Update 

  Why don’t we start out with a recap of last year?   2017 will be remembered for relatively flat interest rates, as we began the year with the 10 yea...

by Jeremy J. Abig, MBA, CPA on Jan 10, 2018 11:16:27 AM
Tags: Refinancing, First Time Home Buying, Renovations & DIY, Resolution, Credit, insurance, payments, mortgage

New Year Resolutions For Every Homeowner

While many people are focusing on resolutions involving dieting, excercising, and media consumption - why not also throw in some homeowner resolutions...

by Sarah Kasper on Jan 2, 2018 3:08:23 PM
Tags: mortgage

Mortgage Terms You Should Know Before Getting Your Home Loan

Getting a home loan can be confusing with all the industry terms and jargon. We've compiled a list of all the main phrases and acronyms to help you na...

by Wyndham Capital on Dec 7, 2017 8:54:00 AM