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    Competitive Rates

    Using the power of technology and leveraging referrals we have grown our business with minimal overhead and passed the savings on to you.

    We don't rope you in with free checking and then charge you a premium for your mortgage. Our rates are lower than big banks because we have pioneered mortgage technology to ensure a painless and inexpensive process. A paperless process and an advanced loan portal allow us to save time and resources for each loan and pass that savings on to you.

    Get Personalized Rates


    How is Wyndham Better?

    Since Wyndham Capital is a direct lender, we provide you with the best of both worlds. Wyndham Capital underwrites hundreds of different programs that are tailored for our customer’s needs in-house.  This means we can also include hundreds of options from a pricing perspective to insure our customers can always secure the loan program most suited for them. At the same time, since Wyndham Capital is a banking operation, we process, underwrite, close, and fund your loan right at our office. 

    For you this means a quick and efficient loan process with full control, transparency, and flexibility that you won’t find with a broker or institutional bank. 

    In short, Wyndham Capital Mortgage provides our customers with competitive rates and close our loans quicker than the competition. All customers deserve the right to attain competitive rates and programs for their individual situation, as well as the personalized service you’d expect…Wyndham Capital Mortgage provides this to every customer we support…guaranteed.

    Hear from real customers


    "The process was relatively easy, well communicated and ran smoothly. Any time I had questions I had quick responses, even when Joe was out of the office, there was someone to respond in his place (and did so). Wyndham not only offered the best rates of any mortgage company I explored (quite a few) but provided a seemless process. I would definitely recommend them and use them again."
    - Sandra


    "I would recommend Thomas Kollaja and Wyndham Capital to everyone looking to purchase a new home or refinance their existing home. My wife and I recently purchased our third home and used Wyndham Capital to finance the purchase. Thomas was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We were promptly made aware of the current status of our loan throughout the process. Working with Thomas was like having one of your best friends working with you. He made every effort to take care of us and ensure that everything went smoothly with our home purchase. With his help, this was by far the most stress free home purchasing process I have ever been through. Wyndham's competitive rates and fees, coupled with its extraordinary customer service make it the ideal place to get financing for your home. I truly believe you will be hard pressed to find a better mortgage company than Wyndham Capital and even more hard pressed to find a more helpful and caring Mortgage Officer than Thomas Kollaja."
    - Jacob

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    The actual figures may vary based on loan product, credit profile, property value, geographic location, occupancy and other factors.

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