Electronic Payment Authorization
Terms and Conditions

Electronic Payment authorization terms and conditions.

This agreement with Wyndham Capital Mortgage, Inc., is available in Spanish as a courtesy. If there is any difference in meaning between the Spanish and English versions of this agreement or any related documents we provide you, either now or in the future, the English version is the official document and will prevail. Please consult with a translator if you have any questions. 

Your authorization

  • You request and authorize us and any successor servicer, subservicer or assignee to electronically withdraw monthly payments plus any additional principal amounts you authorize from your personal bank account on the date or dates specified at enrollment. If you do not choose a date, or if you choose a withdrawal date or dates that are not permitted, we will withdraw the payment on the payment due date.

Keep enough money in your account

  • You agree to have money in your account to cover the payment as required under your loan documents. If not, we may charge a fee and can try the withdrawal again at any time. We may also assess a late charge if you do not subsequently make your payment within your grace period, and you are still liable for the payment, according to your loan agreement. You authorize us to change the amount of your payment as needed if there is an increase or decrease in the payment amount.
  • An electronic payment transaction that falls on a non-business day or on the 29th through the 31st of a month where these dates don't occur will be processed on the following business day.  Saturday is considered a business day for electronic payment purposes.

What we withdraw

  • The payments we withdraw from your personal bank account include the amount required under your loan documents and any additional amounts that you choose. Sometimes these amounts will change. You authorize us to change the amount of your payment as needed if your payment amount changes due to interest rate changes or changes in escrow or optional products amounts, or for any other reason.
  • We may still withdraw your payment on the date chosen even if you make a payment by other means.
  • Monthly payments, including any extra principal amounts, will be applied as of the payment due date, so you may want to consider this when selecting your payment date.

We're not liable

We're not liable for any losses caused by problems with the express payment program.

The laws that control your agreement

  • S. or Ohio law covers this agreement.
  • We may change terms or fees or cancel the electronic payment program at any time. If notice is required, we will tell you in writing