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    With Wyndham Capital's new home search tool, you can search 100% of home listings for free - anytime, anywhere. 

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    Wyndham Capital has partnered with NexGen HBM to provide you HomeScout, which gives our clients an advantage over other home buyers by providing them free access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Here's how:




    First things first. What's the MLS?

    The MLS is THE tool that realtors use to help customers shop for homes. Only someone with a real estate license can view it. 

    What's HomeScout?

    HomeScout is a national real estate service offering real estate listings nationwide. It gives home buyers direct access to the MLS without requiring a real estate license.

    So what did Wyndham Capital do?

    Wyndham Capital partnered with the company that created HomeScout. That means Wyndham Capital's clients can use HomeScout and browse thousands of MLS listings for free.

    What's the benefit?

    Since HomeScout is linked to the MLS, it shows the most up-to-date and accurate listings. Other home search sites are notoriously inaccurate, showing outdated listings and incorrect purchase prices. HomeScout even provides report cards for nearby school districts, lists of nearby attractions and shopping, and a free mortgage calculator.

    Interested in refinancing? HomeScout also shows what other homes in your area sold for to help you better understand the value of your current property.

    One of Wyndham Capital's Loan Officers will be linked to your HomeScout account. Your personal Loan Officer is instantly accessible to answer any questions you may have.

    How is it different from other real estate sites?

    When you register for one of those popular real estate search sites, your information is often sold to other lenders and real estate companies. When you search HomeScout, your information stays with Wyndham Capital. You can view as many listings as you want; we won't tell anyone!

    HomeScout will notify you on sold properties, new listings, and open houses before the public sees them on any other real estate websites. 

    You can shop with confidence and trust knowing that our circle of experts will help you find and fund your new home. Once you're ready to get pre-approved, you can push a button to notify your Loan Officer.

    How does it work?

    It's very easy to use. Click here for a tutorial.

    How do I get started?

    You can download HomeScout in the app store or view on your desktop.


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