Jeff Douglas

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Chief Executive Officer

There are no shortcuts with great results in the mortgage industry.  If you put in the effort to do something well, you have to invest and work wisely. Otherwise, it usually is just spent time and money. We work tremendously hard at Wyndham, don’t take shortcuts, and stand by our values.

I am maniacal about service to our customers. It is expected that when you buy something that it works exactly as presented. We strive for a beautiful experience on every single loan and with purchases, we can even guarantee it.

I serve our community at WCM. Because we demand the highest customer service levels in the industry from our employees, my obligation is to take care of and serve our employees at those levels as well.

There’s a saying that a bad day on the water fishing is better than any day in the office. I wholeheartedly disagree with this as I’d much rather be serving a greater purpose at work than being bored not catching fish.

What Should People Know About Wyndham?

It’s unfortunate that more people don’t have access to our low rates, zero lender fees, 5 star consistent ratings, elite customer service. We're the best mortgage company you haven't heard of and we're on a mission to change that.


More About Jeff

Jeff got his start in the Mortgage Industry in 1997. During his first 3 years, he became one of the top loan originators for a large national mortgage lender. As one of the top online originators in the country, his talent and dedication to providing an unprecedented level of customer service for his borrowers did not go unnoticed. Jeff became a proud employee of LendingTree in 2000 and was able to put his experience to work by consulting with the highest caliber of online lenders in the country. While at LendingTree, it became apparent to Jeff that there was tremendous opportunity to serve clients better online.

In 2001, Jeff launched Wyndham Capital Mortgage with the philosophy that Wyndham Capital would provide better rates, lower fees, and develop an easier process for clients by leveraging technology to enhance mortgage process flows. Within 2 years, WCM became a top 10 lender out of more than 150 lenders on the LendingTree network. Since the start, Jeff has maintained his core philosophy and expanded the company’s reach into many other areas of the internet. Jeff is not only obsessive about taking care of Wyndham's customers but his employees as well. Training, service, and technology are the major focal points within Wyndham. 

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