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Peace of Mind Promise


Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and let’s be honest...a rare thing to find in today’s society. Everyday life is full of obligations that demand our attention and can lead to worry. Between work and family, it’s important to keep things in perspective and remember that some things just shouldn’t add more stress to your life.

Consider this: 76% of people say that money and work are the leading cause of stress and 48% of people reported lying awake at night due to stress. Since mortgages are in the same category as money, it’s safe to assume the mortgage or refinancing process has a high probability of causing stress and even keeping you up at night.

That is simply not necessary.

Did you know that uncertainty is one of the biggest factors in money-related stress? Thoughts such as: “Is now the right time to buy?” “Will I ever find the right house?” “How will I afford the down payment?” “How can I save money each month?”, all add to the stress of buying a home and choosing the right lender.

It’s time to avoid this unnecessary stress.

Here at Wyndham, we understand what life’s priorities should be and losing sleep over the home loan process shouldn’t be at the top of your list. In fact, it shouldn’t be on your list at all. These beliefs have lead us to develop and refine our home loan process to give you our Peace of Mind Promise. This is a two-fold promise that is sure to give you peace of mind throughout your entire experience with us.

First, we thoroughly assess your family picture so that our mortgage professionals can match you with the best product for you. While others attempt to lend you the most you can afford, we strive to place you in a mortgage that you can confidently and comfortably afford.

Second, we have invested heavily over the past decade on process improvements and technology that enhances the customer experience. Every day we are hard at work building automation, improving training, designing better user experience, and learning from every single customer interaction.

The result of this two-fold approach is that from the first moment you speak with a mortgage professional you will know that your Peace of Mind is always the focus. You will feel empowered with new knowledge and excited about the possibilities. Then once you begin the process you will feel the ease and security of our tools and technology.

Say goodbye to worrying about being talked into a mortgage you can’t afford. No more losing sleep over a difficult and haphazard mortgage process. Peace of mind comes when you work with a company of people that understand life’s priorities. And to us, your Peace of Mind is a priority, and that’s a promise.

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