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First Time Homebuyer


We are very excited for you! We believe that through education and transparency we can help you make the best financial decision for you and your family. If you like to do the research yourself we invite you to use the calculator below and to get your personalized rates. You can also download our first time home buyer checklist. If you would like more guidance and advice contact an expert Loan Officer today by filling out this simple and secure form.


"Thank you again for helping me purchase my dream home. I have only been here a little over a week, and I know I belong. I filled out my survey. I hope the company that receives it can read my notes. I even added a note about my Title Company praising Wyndham because they were so efficient. They said they NEVER had received the package from the lender two weeks prior to the closing. So not only are you (Scott Sopko) and Bennett amazing, but the rest of your company is too!


A very grateful Ann G."



The most popular loan options for first-time home buyers are:

  • FHA Loan - Your downpayment on your dream home can be as low as 3.5%!
  • 30-year fixed - You get a secure rate and a low monthly payment with this very popular loan!
  • VA Loan - Veterans and active military service members can get a VA Loan with no down payment, no PMI, and flexible credit requirements!


Run the Numbers - Buying vs. Renting

Instructions: Replace the numbers in the white cells with your numbers and then click calculate.

Monthly Payment Considerations
Initial Rent Payment / Mortgage Payment
Renter’s Insurance / Homeowner’s Insurance
Expected Annual Rent Increase
Monthly Mortgage Insurance
Property Taxes (Monthly)
Total Payment Over 7 Years
Your Income Tax Rate
Total Tax Savings Over 7 Years
Avg. Monthly Payment After Taxes
Mortgage Scenario
Home Purchase Price
Down Payment
Loan Amount
Term in Months
Mortgage Interest Rate
Annual Appreciation on the Home:
Investment Considerations
Appreciated Home Value After 7 Years
Minus Loan Balance
Minus Down Payment & Closing Costs w/ Unearned Interest
Investment Gain of Buying Vs. Renting
Total Payment Savings (Renting vs. Buying)
Combined Gain of Buying vs. Renting
Rent vs. Buy Results
Favorable Option
Total Gain Over 7 Years

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Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Use this calculator to figure the monthly mortgage payment based on the loan amount, interest rate and length.

The payment shown is an estimate and is for information purposes only.
The actual payment amount may vary based on loan product, credit profile, property value, geographic location, occupancy and other factors.

Now that you have the numbers, let's take the next step.

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