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Priority Purchase Loan


What is YOUR advantage?

  • Your biggest competitive advantage with the priority purchase loan is a pre underwritten file to accompany any offers you are placing on a potential home
  • We underwrite and approve your income and credit upfront
  • Your offers will be accompanied by a “Pre-Approval” letter, while competing offers may only be accompanied by a traditional “Pre-Qualification" letter
  • Your offer will be more likely to get accepted because the seller and their agent know your loan is pre-underwritten and can close  quickly and without surprises
  • You have a more precise idea of how much home you can afford before making an offer
  • You are empowered during the process and have more control
  • There is no cost or obligation to participate in this revolutionary program


Top Reasons to Get a Priority Purchase Loan


Huge Competitive Advantage with Home Offers


Fast Loan Process for a Quicker Closing Date


No Cost or Obligation to Participate

Let's Get Started  


While each lender has its own requirements for pre-approval and pre-qualification letters, the following are some common differences: 

  • Loan is reviewed for income, credit and assets by an underwriter before you submit any offers on a home
  • A Pre-Approval letter is issued by an underwriter after your income, credit, and assets are approved
  • Traditional lenders will issue you a Pre-Qualification letter without any verification of documents
  • Not getting your credit and income underwritten upfront can leave many unknown items to be discovered later in the process that can delay your loan from closing
  • Less attractive from a sellers standpoint because they don’t know what the buyer is eligible to finance
  • Closing delays due to verification of documents needed before financing contingencies are removed
  • With a Pre-Approval letter we have already reviewed and qualified your credit, income and assets

The Priority Purchase program, which is only available at Wyndham Capital, allows us to treat your file as if you have already identified a property while you’re still in the process of searching for your next home. By doing so, we are able to get your file in front of an underwriter to review and verify what you are qualified to purchase. When underwriting reviews your income and credit,  you’ll be issued a Pre-Approval letter. We want to prove how good we are upfront to earn your business with absolutely no cost or obligation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


To get the pre-approval process started, please fill out the following information and one of our loan officers will contact you shortly. Or simply call us directly at 888.923.9911.



Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Use this calculator to figure the monthly mortgage payment based on the loan amount, interest rate and length.

The payment shown is an estimate and is for information purposes only.
The actual payment amount may vary based on loan product, credit profile, property value, geographic location, occupancy and other factors.

Now that you have the numbers, let's take the next step.

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