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The Purchase Difference





  • You and your Realtor are always informed
    • Availability at all times during business hours to answer all of your questions
    • Access to your Loan Officer’s mobile phone number for nonbusiness hour requests
    • Coverage on Saturdays
    • Loan Portal
      • 24/7 access to check the status of your loan
      • Can be easily accessed from your mobile phone
    • Automated alerts and emails for key milestone changes
  • We move your loan to the top of our list for “next in line” priority
    • Upfront underwriting gives you a conditional approval at the beginning of the loan process
    • Gets you to the closing table more quickly than our competition
    • Gets you to the closing table with no surprises
  • Loan Efficiency
    • E-signature technology
    • Online portal for easy access and uploading of all of your loan documents
  • In-house Funding and Closing
    • We close and fund all of our loans in-house for full control of the process
  • We make your closing easier on you
    • Close your loan at the time and location of your choosing


Our Process

  • We get you pre-approved
    • One of our Loan Processors quickly evaluates your situation and goals to get you a pre-approval letter
  • We get you APPROVED
    • Since we give your loan to our underwriting department at the beginning of the process we will offer a conditional approval more quickly than our competitors
  • We work with your realtor
    • We will work closely with your realtor to insure they are informed throughout the entire loan process and get any questions answered quickly and easily
  • Once you’ve found your home!
    • We will tailor your loan options at industry leading pricing
  • We lock your loan and process your application
    • Since we’ve already issued a conditional approval, your loan process will be a breeze
    • You will have access to our loan portal 24/7 to upload all associated documents
  • We arrange your closing at the location of your choosing
  • We hope to make you a lifetime client
    • We hope that once you’ve experienced our amazing loan process you will come back to us for any future home financing needs and happily refer our services to others. Delivering on this plan is what makes us “The Nation’s Most Referable Lender”


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Calculate Your Monthly Payment

Use this calculator to figure the monthly mortgage payment based on the loan amount, interest rate and length.

The payment shown is an estimate and is for information purposes only.
The actual payment amount may vary based on loan product, credit profile, property value, geographic location, occupancy and other factors.

Now that you have the numbers, let's take the next step.

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