Trip Jendron


SVP of Corporate Strategy

A mortgage is all about experience, it’s not something you pick up and put on a shelf. You can feel it emotionally if it's not done well. We really have to focus on what kind of a feeling will this experience evoke for customers. We want it to be the perfect combination of technology and human touch.

You always have to keep the customer in mind, what is this going to do for this person, is it really going to make their lives easier or does it just feel like it seems like a new way to do things.

I think it’s important in anything you do in life, to be present in that moment. Whether you're in a meeting, on a date night or reading a book with your kids just be in that moment. Put your phone down, be engaged, listen to what's being said to you, process it and respond in a way that shows you care about what they said. You’re going to be a lot happier just being in each moment that you have in life.

What I love about what I do here at Wyndham is how we creatively bridge technology with the human experience.

What Should People Know About Wyndham?

Customer experience is everything. Our mission is to connect home buyers with high value loan options through a painless and powerful digital experience. 

More About Trip

Upon graduating from Hampden-Sydney College, Trip started his career in the online Mortgage Origination Industry in 2003. At as an Account Analyst, he was promoted to Regional Vice President of Lender Relations shortly after starting. During his tenure at LendingTree, Trip worked directly with the largest internet based Lenders in the country to help them succeed with their online customer base, while growing their partnership and revenue. Prior to joining the team at Wyndham Capital, Trip worked for Sparkroom as a Director. Trip leveraged Sparkroom’s technology to consult industry leading online lenders and help them optimize on their digital marketing efforts through quantitative analytics. Trip joined the team at Wyndham Capital in September of 2009 as Director of Marketing. After building the Marketing Department and helping the company to grow more than 400% during his tenure, Trip was promoted to the Executive Team as SVP of Corporate Strategy.


Expert In

  • Online Mortgage Lending
  • Lead Aggregation
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Leadership Development