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Why Wyndham Capital Mortgage?




From the first moment you engage with us to the moment we close your loan, we will create an experience that will truly amaze you.

At Wyndham Capital, we understand that you desire the lowest rates and fees available. Since we opened our doors over 15 years ago, we have built our business around that very concept. When shopping for a loan, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of the mortgage transaction; the lender's ability to follow through with the unparalleled customer service that they promise.

This is your view behind our curtain. This is an insight to help you better understand how our organization operates.

It's comprised of what matters the most to us. Through Wyndham Capital, you will undoubtedly receive great rates and fees along with an exceptional experience.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look, we would be honored to call you a client!


We Earn Your Business

We understand the importance of building lifelong relationships with our clients. The only way to accomplish this goal is to ensure we set a precedent of expertise, professionalism and most importantly, trust.

With this in mind, Wyndham Capital employs the highest caliber of Mortgage Loan Officers in the country. You will know you’re in the right hands from the very first moment you speak with us.



It all begins with how we compensate our Mortgage Loan Officers. Wyndham Capital Mortgage Loan Officers are NOT INCENTIVIZED based on the rate or fees that a client is charged on their loan. Wyndham Capital has the same low set pricing available to all of our clients. This compensation strategy positions your Mortgage Loan Officer to focus solely on the best program for you and your financial situation. You will have confidence in knowing that your Mortgage Loan Officer is your advocate and you are receiving the best possible loan at the best possible cost.



All of our Wyndham Capital Mortgage Loan Officers are highly trained, licensed professionals that are nationally certified. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with a mortgage professional who has your best interest in mind from the start.

Our Mortgage Loan Officers make themselves readily available to you and all other parties involved in your transaction. In addition, managers are available to speak with you about any issues or comments you’d like to address regarding your Mortgage Loan Officer. For your convenience, a manager’s contact info is always included in your Mortgage Loan Officer’s email signature.



Our Mortgage Loan Officers are trained to ask the right questions. Fully understanding every individual borrower’s financial goals is important to our Loan Officers. Their expertise is demonstrated by their ability to match these goals with the perfect loan program for your short-term AND long-term financial security. Your Wyndham Capital Mortgage Loan Officer will exceed your expectations with our wide array of products and programs that have the potential to fit your needs.

Our Mortgage Loan Officers aim to deliver valuable expertise, professionalism, and trust. What truly separates a Wyndham Capital Mortgage Loan Officer from the rest is the dedication and care they show to each and every customer that they interact with. 

We invite you to see how we’ve put this philosophy into action.

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