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Mortgage Closing Costs


What will it cost me to purchase or refinance a house?

Your mortgage closing costs can vary by which mortgage option you choose and the amount you want to finance. So the closing costs on a 30-year fixed or a 15-year fixed may not be exactly the same as those associated with a 5-year ARM. Some loans, such as an FHA loan or a VA loan actually allow a seller to cover all or some of the closing costs.

The most common closing cost is the down payment. In addition to making your down payment, there are other costs and fees associated with your home purchase. A common misconception about mortgage closing costs is that they all go to the lender, when in reality, many of the costs are related to services performed by others. Mortgage closing costs cover expenses associated with getting a home loan – from inspections and appraisals to title insurance, taxes and more.

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